[RELEASE] Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Editor


Did away with loading the .dat file. Just load the save.

Able to Mod Empire Funds.
Able to Mod ALL GEMS.

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Editor V

Virus Scan

Original Post must have disappear, created a new one for the update.

I regret to inform you your editor is no longer working correctly

Make sure to include all the .dll files you added as a resource, that would be the answer why it isn’t working or you need a higher .net framework.

The .dll files are not needed to be included. So its either the later or something else. But I can’t help the guy without a detailed report of whats going on.

Only so much I can do with “It’s not working”. Ya know?

I regret to inform you that I cannot help you without a detailed report on whats going on or what steps you took to use this.

Oh Also, using Modio will corrupt this save of yours.

  1. copy save to flash drive
  2. Use horizon to move save to desktop
  3. open save with editor
  4. edit save
    5)replace old save with modded save
  5. rehash resign
  6. move save back to xboxHD
    :sunglasses: try to load save and get corrupted save message

I have used both versions you have posted on multiple sites. One where you take the .dat file which does not work at all when trying to replace it into the save file. I get an error about the number being to short or something.

If I load the save directly the numbers with the gems and the gold do not match the save at all but it Is possible to install it and rehash and resign it but when I go to load it in the game it comes up as corrupted

Post your save and how much Funds you currently have for that save and I’ll take a look.

Where would you like me to host it so you can get too it?

Mediafire is fine.

Yea…so about that save to get this working for you…
I don’t seem to be having any issues when I load up my multiple saves.
So if there is a bug, I’d kind of like to fix it…

Bit of an update…So apparently (exchanging PMs with this kid) he claims that this editor doesn’t work and found another one that works, ok thats fine but…

Yet refuses to share his save he was having issues with in order for me to figure out if there is a bug in the editor or human error, every-time I have requested, preventing me from giving proper support for the kid.

Ignoring this kid and his absurd allegations until I see the DW6Empires save from him [the one he was claiming issues with]. (In case there is a bug in the editor, so I can fix it), I’m assuming he is possibly just trolling this thread.

Anyone else that has issues (as I don’t see any reports, which leads me to believe that, that kid is a troll until proven otherwise) Please posts any issues with the current version and please share your save so I can determine if its the save, human error of some sort, or the editor (so I can fix it).

Good luck Sly :wink: and If I had the game I would test for you. sorry I don’t have it :anguished:
(I don’t like trolls either. or noobs. they always ask the same question a 100 times without looking at main post for the answer)

Personally, I’ve tested this over and over and over again (I’ve made sooo many saves for this game, on a few different consoles) before and after releasing the update for this, not once have I had a single issue.

Precisely why, if there is a bug – I’d like to fix it. If not, then please keep the trolling out of here.

Your welcome ^.^
and that is weird then. I understand your wanting to fix it if there is one. I hope this matter gets settled quickly :wink:
and if you have tested this then there shouldn’t be a problem. are you using it on the newest update of the game? that could be the only thing I could think of that could cause the editor to not work (if it really didn’t work) or maybe if the kid is using an older version (again only if he isn’t trolling) but other than that I don’t think it would work for you and not someone else. unless he has pal version and your editor only works for NTSC. (again just another guess)

It is impossible to share a save that no longer exist, I am not preventing you from doing anything besides waisting my time and patience so your allegation of me trolling your thread is in fact a troll on me personally. I know it was not the save because when I did still have the save the editor I found that did work worked perfectly on it and I did not get a message about it being corrupt or when trying to rehash it that the sequence was to short. I thank you for “trying” but your attempts at trolling me are laughable at best. If i did still have the save I would have uploaded it but that point is moot.

Before you get blindly defensive, (know that I won’t divulge in such taunts of troll-ery) noticed I speculated on you being a troll (due to preventing me from fixing a possible bug in the editor) I’m sure you can clearly understand why, it was based on speculation.

So now you aren’t getting any more errors on this editor?

For future reference, make it easier on everyone (especially the developer of the editor you are reporting errors for) and upload the save in question with the error report. Trust me, it’ll prevent all of this time wasting and the developer can push out an update quicker (if there is a bug).