[Release] JTAG GamertagPoke

Hey guys.

I made this program awhile ago and now I am going to release it to the public. This program is used to “change” your gamertag during Real Time. Yes this is for JTAGs if you have memedit.xex(including in the .zip). Well thats basically it

Download - Staff Edit: This is stolen work, for more details, go to the last page of this topic.

The virus it found is a false positive. It was the obfuscator I used. I used Crypto.Than I finished it off with the one Kink made for XMB


Video Proof




Note If you do repost this program please keep the original link.

If someone had a JTAG and they recovered my account could they change mine ?
Because I don’t have one :anguished:

Can we have pics of it first please

sweet this would be fun to mess with people on xlink lol

Bro This is neat, but a bit of proof and a Virus scan 1st Please!

ran it sanboxed looks to be a bot to me…

nvm it just "stop working on win 7 64 bit worked on xp except i dont have .net framework on that

If I had my HDD I would make a video. But like a dumbass I left it at my dads. I post the Virus Scan and a picture. Its a real time gamertag editor.

installing framework on my xp ill see if it works i just get the error “the program has stopped working” on my win 7 64 bit

Do you have .net framework 4? I think it was the obfuscator. Can anyone else confirm that? If so I will use something else to protect it

If someone had a JTAG and they recovered my account could they change mine ?
Because I don’t have one

No this is to Real Time your gamertag. Not change it permanently. Its for like XLink Kia and stuff like that

Ohhh ok.

i wouldent trust this person , its a girl , its probably a virus, not because shes a girl, but trust me, i know her O.o

It is a rat IMO.

You don’t know me. I’m not a girl.

@Sauce Its not a RAT.

This is the internet, we can’t go on peoples words.
Only Codys.

remember xivbl0wfishvix? your account got hacked and i was trying to help you get it back? O.o bet you feel salty as ****t . and then you gave me a rat,

I really don’t know you.

Infecting other members is a serious offence :smile:

it was back when horizon360.net was around…