[Release] Madden NFL 13 Save Editor

How To Use:

1.) Open none extracted save.
2.) Mod your xp.
3.) Click save.
4.) Done, Have fun.

Download : (64Bit Only) Madden NFL 13 Save Editor (64Bit Only).exe
Download : (32Bit Only) Madden NFL 13 Save Editor (32Bit Only).exe
VirusScanned : Madden 13 Save Editor.exe - Jotti’s malware scan

Nice someone posted a tut on how to do this in HxD but i will download this now.

Tried and did nothing

Doesn’t seem to work O_o Certain version only like pal or ntsc?

Can I go back in time

If you win. https://www.wemod.com/forum/91-giveaways/122645-%5Bgiveaway%5D-time-machine/2.html#post1113262

thanks worked for me i did it 3 times and works like a charm

Worked for me. Thanks for the post.

I got it to work. I was playing with a Real NFL Player and not a created one. Created a player and it worked like a charm. Thanks iH8 Fr0st for you editor.

no problem :smile:

Updated Here : [Release] MADDEN 13 Save Editor (iH8 Fr0st and TechnoWolf ) Updated (Added Coach XP)


i am sorry i am such a noob but i cant seem to get this to work i put the usb into my pc and i try to take out the file but all i get is data0001 or 2 and i cant use the editor with it i also use horizon to extract my save career but when i go to use the editor i get this See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

also it says i need it to be .bin .con or something like that what am i doing wrong

data0001 is your usb data so there must be somethink wrong with your usb

Data001, etc. usually show when you’re trying to explore the usb with windows explorer… Use Xtaf or something.

Or try using a harddrive.

coach save always wrong (XP 1470000…)
help me thank you

Don`t use 1.1 then use 1.0

can you get it to work for the online one as well so i can bust my brothers friends ass ?

Every time I try to mod the coach xp it freezes. Any help would be appreciated.

try a low xp first aka 99 or somethink.