[Release] Modern Warfare 2 TU7 Patch. [Fixed]

[b]This is a new fixed download with sticking XP since the other one didn’t always work.
Download link can be found in the video description.

I’ve decided to release this because I don’t have time to work on it and
there is a lot more talented coders out there who could improve on this.

The only main features of this is 3 Billion XP a kill, which is still good
if you want to boost yourself to Level 70 any prestige.

How to use:

  1. Put the ‘TU_10LC20N_0000018000000.00000000001OA’ file in your ‘Cache’ folder.

  2. Copy all the files from the ‘Modded Files’ folder into your Mw2 Directory
    (Make sure you replace them with your old files)

  3. Boot up ‘default_mp.xex’ on your Jtag and go to System Link

  4. Select any map of your choice and turn Xbox LIVE Unlocks on.
    ( Don’t change the Game-mode! )

  5. Start the game, capture a flag.

  6. Join on your retail, capture a flag.

  7. Get a kill, back out and prestige.

  8. Enjoy



If you are feeling generous enough to donate, please send all payments as gift to

PS - Hopefully soon you can expect a patch that also has working challenges. :smile:[/b]

[M*][/M*] use this for ur link without the *

what it will look like

and here is ur old post

work on getting a mod menu up… try just using a mod menu patch_mp.ff… maybe it will work… then i will proceed to jizz in my pants