[RELEASE]My Call of Duty World At War .GPD Mods (Splitscreen)


  • Godmode
  • No-clip
  • Give all
  • Chrome Vision
  • Super Jump
  • Low Gravity
  • Promod
  • Enlarged Radar
  • Some other little tweaks and mods.

Well anyways made by me:

Back button : No Clip + Extra Tweaks
Start button : Godmode + More extra stuff
Dpad left/right : Giveall


Added video :smiley:

Thanks man

You could have replaced the .GPD with Horizon.

Thanks for theese

not a bad release
too bad its for offline though

online has been and gone b4 this kids time
binds are 1337 i just with they were still popular

One thing I don’t like is the gay controls and you can’t even like the start menu to end the game.

Nice little tutorial, and good release :smile:.

Just open it up in HxD and change the binds up a bit.

oh no, he used the nooby modio, but nice tutorial. Make sure to use Horizon next time to mod your gpd and replace it. Horizon has a better one in my opinion!:slight_smile:

Yea lol I was gonna use Horizon but it wouldn’t load for some odd reason.
Well it works now, so :smiley: