[Release] NBA 2K 12 MP EDITOR

                                          [size=25][b]NBA 2K 12 MP EDITOR[/b][/size][b][u]THINGS YOU WILL NEED:[/u][/b]

A BRAIN(Sold separately)

Things to know:

1.You can drag and drop file inside of tool or use open button.

  1. I would SUGGEST YOU NOT mod your my player before the rookie showcase.
    Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.Do it after the show case.

3.Read the help to understand how the contract works and the rest of things in the tool work.

4.Use the bit convertor(UNDER HELP). It has a function to search for NBA players.There is also instruction on how to use it inside the convertor.Remember the CF ID are in decimal and you need HEX CF ID’s.CF/Audio id’s are used to make your my player into a NBA player

  1. This tool works for game day release roster - 2k update 1.04. Both custom and regular files.

6.What you can edit using this tool–Playing minutes,position,style,cyber face,draft year, draft round ,draft rank, height, weight(rim bender), cash , SP, tendencies, hotspot, contracts, + more


Open Me


Open Me


Open Me

First post yayyy… I’m new here, but not new to modding or making mod tools.All types of feed back is welcomed good or bad.Good luck.:D8):thumbsup:

DOWNLOAD:Deposit Files


The **** is wrong with the GUI.

Look’s Sketchy as ****.
Anyways Thanks For the Share!

Its called a parent form in technical talk.Lots of AIO use it even horizon uses parent forms.;)I’m trying something new.I got bored of the same ol song and dance of having everything look the same… u digg.I like being different also if you try the tool you will see how it functions.

It legit my hommie.TY for feed back.

^ this.

lol the GUI looks stupid also you could’ve used devexpress instead of using dotnetbar seeming as devexpress is more sleeker looking and would be a much cleaner GUI layout compared to this current layout which just looks like its been done in 2 mins

[b]Quit commenting about the GUI for christ’s sakes.
He made a tool, and it is VERY good. I’ve waited long enough for it.

Thank you.[/b]

Actually, unless you understand how to codeand actually used the tool then you wont know why I made this tool like it is and you will know that the picture deceives you.I understand your commits, but commit after using the tool and with a little bit of knowledge.It silly to commit just by looking at pictures.&_&

Another thing why would I use devexpress to make a parent form or dotnetbar for that matter that is silly to say and you cant even do that with those dll. You just let everyone know that you don’t know anything about coding, yet you criticize.:lol:

Side note:
Please do research or have some knowledge about what you say before commenting or you will look like a fool/troll.Which I hope your not.

I welcome all commits but please make sense.

lol you can do it with devexpress and dotnetbar obviously you don’t know how to spell comment properly and also I do know how to understand code why else would I be coding a rayman origins editor right now as i’m commenting also going to upload my sonic generations editor that has been sitting on my laptop for over a week now so obviously I do know how to code and seriously you need to learn a bit more about dotnetbar & devexpress

Holly… run on sentence/paragraph batman!

Please teach me how to use my MDI form with dotnetbar and devexpress:thumbsup:As far as I know those dll only have support for MDI forms.So show me how… please.Since you know then I guess you can tell me.

I’m not new to coding my dude, I been here and I can code more than save editor and static offsets.Take a look at this NBA editor as example.Its coded for dynamic values for roster update save files and default save files.It also has a auto complete source,bit convertor and audio player. :wink:

This is form your sonic tool :wink:

Also had help from cody9966 for some sections of coding

I’d like to try out the SE but don’t have the game could you pm me a save file?

To be honest, what happen here?

Chrome is PISS AGAIN! - Pastebin.com


Let me explain…

What does it look like crazyboyzero? Haters my friend haters.Don’t tell me you cant spot a hater? This is the thing I use to be on his first site ,but I left because no one there knew anything.He even named the site after me:thumbsup: that is evidence he was riding my coat tail. He looked like a fool for posting offset on a save that uses dynamic offsets.He took those offsets from his save by using my tool :wink:, but they are no good since the offsets are dynamic.:lol:

Thanks for posting proof that he is a liar.More people should know he steals code and lies.Anyone with common sense can figure out the truth.He needs to focus on the people who are having trouble with joe AIO and actually reply back to those people.

People who cant compete and are envious always hate on others who do better then them.Simple and plain “If they aint h8n then I aint doing my job right”.

I’m still waiting for him to release a tool for NBA 2k12 since he has offsets.LOL…I guess I will be waiting until NBA 2k 15.

That explains it all.:smiley: If you have any more hater mail or questions please pm me, because this thread is not the place for it.

So this tool doesn’t work? Cos im getting errors. save file is unreadable when i go to load. I rehashed resigned and all.

Tool does work what doesn’t work is the thing your using to rehash and resign.I would tell you to try something different to R&R ,but I’m sure your going to do that any way right?

Reply back when you have your save loaded, so people are aware.:slight_smile:

hey chrome love ur editors

hey man ive been using this and love it except that when i try to make cf myplayers (ive made kobe, tracy and lebron) the stats never record and it still says 0 games completed… what should i do

edit: ive fixed the problem by not changing the audio and leaving it the original one… it still says the cf players name but doesnt give any insight to what kind of player he is etc so it doesnt say like “and drose the mvp of last season” but it will say d rose

I am attempting to use this, is it all legit?

Just saying, your program is amazing but the only thing you can do is pretty much make everything uncapped, and 99. And max skill points. Regardless dont mess with anything else, it will load as a corrupted save, just click uncap, and max skill/postion

Thank you for the tool. I’m just a little confused on how to use it (I’m new at this lol). I downloaded it, I have the gamer profile on my USB Drive, and I moved the game over to the USB. I have the .CMG file, and it’s loaded on to the package manager. But I’m stuck there. Please help, Thanks! :smile: