{Release} NBA 2K11 Mod Tool

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I know this is a super simple tool and has been made many times, but I just wanted to make a program :smiley:

Hope you enjoy!

very nice Man, :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty nice. I don’t play the game, but looks good. By the way, it should go here: Xbox 360 Modding Tools - XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards

oops :smiley: I thought there was a section for mod tools haha, Hopefully a Mod can move it :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I made one 2 but I only had a max all stats button :smile:

your tool corrupts data man, and ghost buster, post yours

Grrr he didn’t put in a rehash and resign sub so you will need to do it yourself

may i ask what .dll you used for that design?

dotnetbar :smiley:

i know this, i’m not stupid lol. the tool corrupts data now for some reason and i get that error that says that the program didn’t do something correctly

Sounds like you may happen to be using modio, which has been doing that with more and more functioning tools lately it seems (at least from video tutorials people posted) If I’m wrong than I’m a dumb dump truck . haha

Sweetness :wink: