[Release] NEW! Black Ops Modded Zombies GPD

New ONLINE Black Ops Zombie Mods - YouTube

[NEW] How to Mod Black Ops Zombies Online GPD TuT - YouTube

Virus Scan

Download Link
BO1 GPD’s.zip

And If you would like custom Mods Just PM me on here and ill make u a custom GPD/Profile

Real or fake hmmm…
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and FYI before trying to be a Mini Moderator There is a like button its just called a Thanks Button On HERE FYI

This Works Online and its fun to Use :smile:

I can’t do that to you without some help from other members sorry.


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the one guy came up in here and tried to start things after the other topic has been closed bro im not bumping that guy was BUMP lol jk remove this post after u see it please thank you

Looks familiar… Xbox - [Release] NEW!! Black Ops Modded Zombies GPD

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Or sign in online and take a screen shot to prove it is your account instead of us wasting our time on you.

Here u go

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