[RELEASE]*NEW* How to Mod Black Ops Zombies ONLINE*NEW*

As you may know, treyarch used a mapcrc to prevent system link infections on MP but not on single player, so I will teach you a tutorial on how to get these infections and use them in pubs. YES THIS DOES WORK ON CALL OF THE DEAD AND ASCENSION!

Credit goes to Ihatecompvir for finding the setSavedDvar,Teh1337 for the ActiveAction dvar, and credit goes to me for the tutorial and the testing of infections in black ops.

This is based off the old binds we had in mw2 and similar to the svg mods in waw.

First, either download my zombietron_patch.ff or use the codes in the description and add it to the zombietron_patch.ff or the PATCH.ff (not patch_mp but just patch.ff)

link for zombietron patch- note you must chose the map kino der untoten.


heres the raw code you add to the zombiemode gsc

self setClientDvar( “ui_mapname”, “zombie_pentagon;bind button_back ufo;bind APAD_UP take all;give minigun_zm;vstr a;give famas_upgraded_zm;bind DPAD_DOWN god” );

setsaveddvar(“activeaction”, “zombie_pentagon;bind button_back ufo;bind APAD_UP take all;give minigun_zm;vstr a;give famas_upgraded_zm;bind DPAD_DOWN god”);

self setClientDvar( “a”, “bind DPAD_LEFT give give freezegun_upgraded_zm;give spas_upgraded_zm” );

setsaveddvar( “a”, “bind DPAD_LEFT give give freezegun_upgraded_zm;give spas_upgraded_zm” );

This will do 2 things

set the map to the infectable checkerboard map, and generate a modded svg considering the SVG is complicated to decrypt and de-obsfucate.

We can transfer the modded svg to a retail, or we can join a system link game and get infections!

Treyarch patches one, we use other. It’s as simple as that.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! Enjoy modding zombies, probably one last time.

Credit to clt42 on 7s for the Original Post.

Good share
Is anyone willing to do this… Oh wait i was banned for modding zombies >.<

Link isnt down its right here >.< zombietron_patch.ff

Also give credit to this guy…
[release]- nazi zombies mods after patch WITH JTAG - Se7enSins Forums

Or whoever LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Once I figure it out how to do it or get a download for it :stuck_out_tongue: Im making a new 1 month account So I don’t get banned from my main.

I found this on TTG :expressionless:

Oh baby infect me now Garr!

I wish.

Become a genie :smiley:

ok so when we download the patch what do we do in our hdd do we upload it if so to what folder and when we boot it up do we go to kino first and t should be a checkerboaqrd or we boot up kino have a pendrive take ure pro out put the patch in then put the flashdrive back in?

I’m going to try this later or so, if it works I will love you forever!

Edit: Does the savegame copy all the mods over to online if you start it up then go zombies? Please reply asap, thanks.

this :smiley: hope it works

Infect me and I will love you for ever.

JTAG only?

apparently retail also from what i’ve read …it creates a save which then can infect you

Nice. This will probably get you banned though. I’ll probably try this out tomorrow if it hasn’t been patched. I have to revise for my exams today :expressionless:

Black Ops sucks, I don’t care if I get banned.

Ill try this on my modding profile later.

Lol neither do I. Just for the people that are not smart enough to figure out themselves that they might be banned.

made a 1month. now we play the waiting game for a release for retails, then we **** 3arc. :smiley:

i miss modded zombies

You wanna let me borrow that to do this since I still play black ops every once in awhile :thumbsup: