[Release] Real Time CoD 1.0 (for MW3)

This program will edit all of the dvars Modern Warfare 3 is using while you are playing. You need a JTAG or XDK to use this.

For JTAG users:

Open Me

You will need to download and install the Xbox 360 SDK (Don’t ask me or on the forums, find it yourself.) Then follow this tutorial:

(Originally posted by “Kerri” http://www.xbox360is…ry-t496305.html)

Things to not do:

  • If a dvars type is String and its value is empty, don’t edit it.
  • Use this on Xbox LIVE

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?u2050sza4hwaalj
Password: sotgcaboose

Thanks man, I am going to have some fun right now!!!

Not working for me, can anyone help a man out?

EDIT: couldn’t connect to XDK

Already talked to Caboose about this error. It didn’t work for me on my JTAG aswell.

He said he’ll be in contact with Dwack to figure out a solution.

Update released for JTAG fix.

If i can ask what is different?

I was trying to connect to the console as a debugger, which works fine on an XDK, but not on a JTAG. I also fixed some GUI bugs.

Does this work on a jtag? I am having issues connecting, any ideas?

It should. Did you download the newest version?

I am not sure if you need to have the Xbox360 SDK installed on your computer in order to get this to work. I would ask Nate(the creator of the xbdm plugin) but he isn’t online and I haven’t seen him online in a while either.

I do have the sdk installed and Cabooses’ program worked perfectly fine for me.

Nate is online 24/7 on EFNet #FreeStyleDash. I will try this later without the SDK installed.

Updated app to support enum dvars and color dvars better, and you can edit the settings easier now.

link is broken. i.e you made the link have the actual “…” change it to


Fixed link

Well I tried this without the SDK installed like somebody wanted and I get the following error which I assume has something to do with Neighbourhood being missing.

Sorry I took so long, could not find the thread. Lol.

Ages ago I had a similar problem. XDevkit is just a wrapper for some internal stuff within the XDK. So you will have to either include what it is looking for (probably just xbdm.dll) or have the user install the SDK.

Just spoke to Nate to get a guaranteed answer and you defiantly need the SDK installed.
For those who wanted to know.

Update released w/ option to execute cfg. The only commands that work are toggle, set, reset, and setfromdvar.

Single Player Dvars do not load in alphabetical order like Multi Player Dvars.
Just so you are aware. *Probably reads the order from memory anyway.

Been playing around with this today. Quite fun in Spec Ops.

Edit: The “modified” value never seems to change for me, even though the edits are working.

Edit: Do not change g_speed to max int heh.

Edit: Objective distance wont go higher than max int. O.o

Yeah I’m reading them in the order they’re stored in memory. I’ll fix the modified column not updating and maybe add a sort option.

Does something statically bind it to Modern Warfare 3 only? or can I use this with previous Modern Warfare’s? Since I updated to 13604, Dwack’s application stopped working for me.

Another thing I noticed, on first run, after you enter the settings (Xbox name, which executable to load ect…), you must restart the program for them to register.

For the sake of a newbie-friendly program, I think once settings are closed and saved, they should be loaded. *I tried the context menu reset button, thinking it would load the new settings before attempting to reload the memory but it did not.

Edit: Tool tips would be a great addition too. If you hover over a item it should bring up a description of the Dvar. I am not sure if the description is loaded into memory but I know they are stored in the executable.