[release] skyrim editor

SKYRIM-SE-BETA- By: Chrome_305

Updated 1/22/2012

updated instructions and tweaked tool.Please check it out


Open Me

Tool uses a search function and does it quickly so test the tool my peeps.It wont take 30 minutes to find your item and it wont crash on you.



1.Put money in a barrel via game and remember the amount you saved.
Make sure your value is a odd number/decent amount to increase you search chances.

2.Open save in tool then click “find gold”

3.The editor will search for your value and return it if it’s found.If the value found doesn’t match your value then don’t edit.Go back in-game and increase gold amount.

Dont enter a value over 700,000

4.Once the tool has found your value.You then enter a new value you want in the text box.Then you click SAVE that is located under the file option.

***If tool find the amount you put in a barrel then it has found where your gold is at.Enter a new value to change it.

  1. After saving your file with the amount you want. rehash and resign.

Try and reply.


DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?xbcx0lf1tlwu979

there are much better editors than this that do the same thing, sorry


NO there isn’t!! This one works 100% no crashing, takes less than a minute to find item, no hanging of tool.

Can you also post a link to that other tool you speak of? So people can see that your insane with what you say.Did you even try it before trolling?I don’t think you did.

Try and reply

I don’t know if they work, but they’re there.

A+ for effort but, there are already other editors that do this to the letter. If you wanna make a Skyrim tool that will be insanely popular, create one the basically uses the console whilst not have Skyrim.

Thanks, but no chance I would use this especially from a 3 poster. Even if it has virus scan.

It doesn’t help that all 3 posts are advertising this tool. Even if it is legit all it does is mod gold, so Smallzzy’s is better.

Good work on it though. The design doesn’t look too bad.

If people like this chrome_305 can add more things.There are no other tools that can mod gold in under a minute while not hanging the tool and not crashing. That is a fact.The only tool out is chrome_305 and Izzy so Im not sure you kn what your saying.

Tell me who I should reply to or make a post for then…

Smallizzy tool is garbage(truth) all it mods is bounty, character info and info no gold..I’m not trying to be rude , but chrome tool uses a better search method for gold.It also a beta bro do realize that. He will add more.He knows how to code.

Adding bounty to chrome_305 tool is easy.Then it will have same thing as Izzy tool.Lol since the only thing Izzy tool has is bounty and character info.Chrome can add that asap then will it be better?

The first tool doesn’t work and hanges the tool and the second one mods bounty and charter info that is it anyone can code things like that.Plus the second one is designed poorly.You cant move the tool or open a second save in the tool back to back.

The tool I posted is by chrome_305 the same guy who makes the nba 2k mod tools.People should actually try it before posted things they know nothing about.&_&

I don’t think izzy knows how to code a search function dynamic items.That why his newest tool doesn’t have anything to do with gold.

Then why waste your life with a reply? Doesn’t make sense unless your a hater.
This tool is by chrome_305 same guy who does the nba 2k12 mod tools.

post count mean nothing.When im not asking noob questions.Im sure when you signed up your post count wasn’t above 500 was it?

Not a hater, hell I thanked you for providing the tool for people what I said was my personal opinion which should not really matter to you. Also I have no idea what your PS has to do with anything but if you are smart you would know that not many people trust people that sign up to a site to automatically give them a tool for people to download and use without being suspicious of it. That is why I said that now get off my back and do not reply to me.

Cleaned thread. Just because there is other tools for the same game doesn’t mean that other people can create new tools.

Virus Total Link: https://www.virustotal.com/file/fbfff143f25bb9b1a21d622e0cb41d67a7b2f2b58beb66cf5de31739800cafb7/analysis/1326959588/

Use at your own risk.

i wouldnt use it with that many possibilities of a trojan although my best buddy avg didnt see anything

lol why is there always someone coding editors that contain viruses in them oh well will be uploading sonic generations editor soon

its not working for me! :anguished:

If it says virus its probably a false positive because of package.io.Everyone knows package.io gives false/positives on cheap virus protectors.

I know it works and I think its the only editor for gold.


Try this tho M1tchhh…700,000 in gold. Dont max because going max can cause the game to crash.This will happen even if you use hex editor.

Updated tool 1/22/2012 re-download my peeps and give feedback

Invalid STFS Package when trying to inject into device…how fix?

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