[release] skyrim god save

Here is a save that someone modded using a trainer for the game. I did not make this save but i thought i could share it with my fellow xboxmb :smile: The save starts off at the begining when u escape the dragon at Helgen and u arive in Riverwood.
He’s equiped with ebony Armor, Alvin,Dwarvin,Glass,Heavy Plate and also some weapons as well.

Clack that thank button for me will ya?


Nord: Lvl 208

Gold: 1677712 thnx to all those who figured it out at 360haven.

Alteration: 100
Conjuration: 100
Destruction: 100
Speach: 100
One-Handed: 100
Two-Handed: 100
Smithing: 100
Light Armor:100
Heavy Armor: 100
Block: 100
Archery: 100, all these apart from 4 skills that i didn’t get to do.

Health: 800/800
Stamina: 800/800
Magica: 770/770

Ive tested it on my retail and it works fine so have fun guys.

this works, using it right now :smile:

Glad to know the stuff carries over to retail, I have been playing on my jtag and was wondering it myself. I still am focused on wanting Skills high level and having skill points to use without having a high level.

I’m using retail and it works great

You already said it works and he said it works on retail so…ok.

does anyone know if you can get 100% chameleon ?

kbub, would you mind doing requests with your trainer?

This starts you off at the beginning, and does not pop any achievements right

This starts you off at the beginning, and does not pop any achievements right

I already said this in the forum but i didn’t make the save so i can’t do requests, otherwise i would do it :smiley: Hopefully a save editor will be out soon, if you need gold or items edited, i can do that.

Not as of now but hopefully soon :smiley:

Wait i don’t have the game but can someone answer this question?

Okay so just like how in oblivion where your going through the sewers and you have already created your character, is it sorta the same for Skyrim to once you create your character and run from the dragon, is there a point where it asks you if your sure u want to be this and if you want to edit your character can you?


Sadly, no, this is really just a temp. save so people that like to mess around don’t have to wait for a save editor.

Aww okay cause then i was gonna use this and change the look of the character if i didn’t like it lol, if anyone wants to see gameplay of playing as a werewolf i just posted it

Werewolf mode is pretty cool but somewhat annoying because if you haven’t used it in awhile then you can’t get the well rested bonus.

Can you also jump high and how long does it usually last? where do you become a vampire? Dark brotherhood? cause i was thinking about making 2 saves, one where im a werewolf and the other as a vampire

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, lol. I want to know those things as well.

alright touchy, just making sure

I believe i was just able to mod my total carry weight, i posted a save on 360Haven for people to check so ill let you guys know if it works :smiley:

Alright tell me if it does work and post a tut if you don’t mind :smile: