[RELEASE] Warriors Orochi 2 Editor


New Features:
Editor resized from 1.2mb to 300kb (still has all the same functions as V2.7)
No need to extract the .dat file within the save. Just load OROCHI_EX save.

Mod Growth Points
Mod ALL SKILLS to 99
Ability to Mod ALL Character Proficiencies to 49.98/50
(all you have to do is get 1 small kill and you have 50/50)
Mod All Treasure
Mod Stages (Story/Dream) Completed Difficulties(Unlocking Characters: Modding Stages is tricky. you have to make sure you have a stage that not completed at all, so when modding stages, leave any one stage for each Dream/Story to unlock Characters)
Mod Character Levels 98/99
Unlock ALL Characters including OROCHI X

Warriors Orochi 2 Editor V

Maybe you should have suggested this to the Horizon developers and got it put into the Horizon program?


Thanks. if they want to use it I will be glad to give them the source.

the tool looks good… nice work

I am THRILLED to announce that I found the values for ALL skills lv 1 - 3.
I successfully modded them all to 99. So I WILL be adding that to the next update.

good stuff

so your signature telle me not to say “thanks” but to click the reply button? lol

Editor has been updated, check out the first post

I’ve never even heard of this game O_o

lol thats fine, its a good hack and slash game similar to nighty nine nights.

Editor Updated to

Hmm… never heard of it

Minor Update.
No Need to require packageIO.dll in the same folder.

Honestly surprised someone took the time to make an editor for this game. Has cheater said anything about adding it to Horizon?

lol yea, it due to hardcore fandom. nope, not that I saw.

I’ve never even heard of this game LOL!

Hahaha, not alot of people do, if they aren’t Dynasty/Samurai/Orochi “Warriors” fans. it’s no problem

What’s a Ororachi?


These Games are like Ninety Nine Nights (In a way.)

Dynasty Warriors - Takes place in Chinese History
Samurai Warriors - Takes place in Japanese History
Warriors Orochi - Orochi (a.k.a. Serpent King) took all characters from both era’s (games) and brought them to him to see who is the best to defeat him

This needs to be in Horizon:| Coding is done, it seems you’re willing to pass the source… basically no work for the Devs. And I can bet that some people will use it, and maybe even add to it.