[Release] XboxMB Gamercard

Please Go Here:


Who donated so far?


Cheater912 - $30
Thor - $5
Cheyne - $5
GilbertSkate - $2
oBennyD - $15
Ash - $10

Nice! good work guys.

Thanks but i am not donating…


mine is and i get this http://www.gamercard.tk/gts/xboxhacks.png
help :smiley:

You don’t have to, but it’d be nice. Hosting isn’t free.

Wow this looks epic.

Very nice work lads, will donate as soon as i get some funds o:

This WILL be buggy, so bare with us on it.

404 Error File Not Found?

Keeps coming up with 404 :confused:

Index of /gts

it’s not creating other users.

Hold on.
You need to wait for the card to generate.
AKA the preview, give us a few minutes.


If you type in a username that isn’t linked to an account, like mine, there’s a spelling error. Just thought I’d let ya know.

And they look really nice, keep it up man.

Will it update automatically?

He said they would every 30 minutes.

Bug was found, sorting it out now.
Should be good shortly.

Good work man :smile:

This is really awesome

Everything SHOULD be fixed now.

I have been waiting for so long Cody, thank you so much.