(Release)xD Modding's Online Zombies GPD (100% Tested)

Well Guys Here it is!

Open Me



[details=Open Me]APAD_LEFT "Gives Mini Gun Or Thunder Gun"
APAD_DOWN " Activates All Mods"
HINT: Pressing Left and Down over and over will drop weapons :smile:[/details]
How to GPD Mod With a USB

Open Me

The Tech Game - How To GPD Mod

Here is another Working GPD!

Press up on DPAD once, then press RB for GoD MoDe

Press up on DPAD twice, then press RB for NoClip

Press LB for Cartoon Mode

Press left on the DPAD for Zues Cannon, and Default weapon

Press left on DPAD twice for Mustang and Sally, and UpGraded Crossbow

Press down on DPAD to skip rounds

You start with speed and gravity changed up

Open Me



EDIT: If this does work you can and most likely will be banned from the servers - Infamus

Can you get banned for doing this?

Yes Yes Yes You Can Get Banned Im Warning Everyone Now Do this on a Seperate account

um… this looks like a copy/pasta.

and how would this one work when all other modded zombie GPDs are patched. o.o

^Good Point.

yeah, and down is kill all on screen ai. not skip rounds

No Copy and Paste This is Still Working!!! Both of them Are!

xero report

[details=Open Me]
set sv_lastSaveGame ""
set cg_subtitles "0"
set takeCoverWarnings "-1"
set bg_collectibles "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
set com_first_time "0"
set cg_playerState "0"
set zombietron_discovered "1"
set zombiefive_discovered "1"
set skills "1"
set motd "Zombies! Play back to back with friends in co-op to survive end"
set mis_01 "0"
set mis_difficulty "0000000000000000000000000"
bind APAD_DOWN "player_meleeRange 999;player_sprintUnlimited 1;player_sustainAmmo 1;perk_weapratemultiplier 0;Revive_Trigger_Radius 999;perk_armorvest 0;player_burstFireCooldown 0;player_clipSizeMultiplier 999;sf_use_ignoreammo 1;player_sustainAmmo 1;perk_weapratemultiplier 0;give ammo;god;phys_gravity 99;magic_chest_movable 0;give bowie_knife_zm;perk_armorvest 0;perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.001;give ray_gun_upgraded_zm"
bind APAD_LEFT "give minigun_zm; give thundergun_upgraded_zm"
bind APAD_RIGHT “noclip”[/details]

Nice i suggest making a 24/48hr account to do GPD mods on

GPD modding= Perm Ban no purpose to do this why not you do it on CoD WaW instead its 100% unbannable and they dont care so why bother getting banned on Black ops.?

i would if you sent me a link lol

Yes you can. I got banned today for this.

Is this for online with a party? Yes or no?

Lol this is instant ban… oh and useless bindsdude… apad up down left right u cant even move if we do this patch… wow

Hey guys, if you liked this gpd (it’s mine) check out my latest offline gpd 3.0:

Walkerneo’s OFFLINE working ULTIMATE zombie GPD - Se7enSins Forums

this gpd is stupid
i dont want to move and bve droping weapons

actually, none of them are patched, you cant play them online or with title update #11, so in order to play any GPD mod you need to reset system Cashe and erase title update #11. then have fun on modded zombies :smiley:


holy crap batman almost a two year bump and a double post!

I think he would’ve realized that after two years.