Remember being a kid


Click the spoilers for good times

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Rugrats was the only show i watched as a kid from that list.

I love all the old shows. I miss the good days when there was actually good shows on :cry:
Out of the Box has a catchy song :smiley:

They need to make a dubstep version of Hamtaro. Ehh what I wouldn’t give to be thirteen again for one day.

@ Cody: You would post that song >.<

The only show I watched on that list was Rugrats.Put Rocket Power on that list

What about

Cat Dog
Hey Arnold?

I used to watch all of those when I was younger except pecola :stuck_out_tongue:

**** yea!


Spongbob :stuck_out_tongue:

Yu Gi Oh!

These were the days when Kids shows were SHOWS I remember waking up to Rugrats in the morning Made every Day fun.

Now If your show doesn’t have some big boobed Hoe girl at the age of 13 or some Kid with the Bieber haircut it won’t do well.

ALSO: Can’t forget Rocket Power :smiley:

Doug, skeeter, patty mayonnaise ftw

Don’t you have a Bieber cut…? lmao.

Where the **** is The Magic School Bus and Puff The Magic Dragon?!

EDIT: And Pokemon. Can’t forget that.

Miss Frizzle was a crack head.

I still watch those stuff.

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Why can’t shows still be like this :anguished:

90’s Kids FTW!

I was like ****ing seven when this shiz was on

Oh Blues Clues was the ****.

Remember mail time? When the Chinese orhpan would be in the letter making pasta jewelry and ****? Thats my ****.


Got a Haircut after that setup video. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re missing the point…