Remember the good ol' days?

I found this picture in my Imgur account. For some reason this picture has 28,000 views on my account. Who is looking at this???

I do not know when it was taken but judging by post count… At least over a week ago.

Wish i was there :anguished:

Looking at my threads, this was take early November of 2010.
Damn. It’s been two years of this garbage.

Yours is way older, but here :stuck_out_tongue:


First Milestone:

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First Post:

Dayum son.
I remember back then… when the troll members of this site use to be normal decent member, and staff actually participated in forum topics(Other then Chris/Carboy) and Nookie,Cheater, and Zrueda were actually alive.

Why did they take the funny stuff thread away?

Majority of staff don’t have a sense of humor.
Please don’t hurt me.

Hey don’t talk about me like that ******

It’s k, I still love you.

I remember when it was there I also remeber when Navy and Chillz Was Super mod, also when dean was Admin. but I joined in October last year? lolno

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lol @ life

I remember when I was a small child on here ;~; all of you watched me grow up <3

lol. No homo

Thanks Col2Eight. Best Mod. XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: LessThan3

Yeah, I remember.


Hello! I remember!

ooh nice!

H3 Soundtrack > H2 Soundtrack


I think I might remember. :slight_smile:

I do remember. This site went into full **** halfway through 2011

I don’t remember because I wasnt a member then XD

Yeah I remember the first thread I made was when the kinect update came out and i got it early with the usb trick, but didn’t realize you can’t go online with that until the official one came out… So I was screwed for a week.