Remembering 9/11

I just wanted to post this thread to remember 9/11 and for all of you guys to remember one of the saddest days the U.S. has seen.
May god rest the innocent souls who died during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
May god rest the souls on Flight 11 that was flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 A.M.
May god rest the souls on Flight 175 that flew into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 A.M.
May god rest the souls on Flight 77 that flew into the Pentagon at 9:37 A.M.
May god rest the souls on Flight 93 that flew into an open field in Pennsylvania at 10:03 A.M.
May god rest the souls of over 3000+ innocent people that died during the 9/11 attacks
May god have mercy on the souls of over 6000+ people that were injured during the 9/11 attacks
It was a dark time in U.S. history, but remember, when you’re lost in the darkness look for the light
Let us never for the the voices of those who died living free

Never forget

Oh, I thought that this was about the halo collection edition.

Amen, though

Want to know the difference between a cow and 9/11?

A cow is an animal and 9/11 is a number?

Guys, this is supposed to be a serious thread.


Never Forget


Finally, someone is taking this seriously!

If you milked a cow as much as it, it would be on fire.

Now Blake, the reason I believe people aren’t taking this seriously is because they are not from the United States, so it didn’t really effect them. I know that most people here are from the United Kingdom and places like Scotland.

I understand that but, I had the thought in my mind that people from the U.K. and Scotland could show at least a little respect towards such a devastating attack.

I’m sure you can understand. If I were to mention the London bombings or those killed by the IRA you wouldn’t blink an eye just like most from the UK won’t about 9/11. Don’t take it personally. Also here it’s 11/9. Lmao.

I didn’t think about it like that… But, didn’t they teach you about 9/11 in school?, if you were in school in 2001. I haven’t learned about that, yet.

Nothing like a good long company run for PT to help us remember.

If it had happened anywhere else in the world it wouldn’t be a big deal. Just the typical U.S

I’m from the UK and I take it seriously, although I do visit America regurlarly. Everyone knows about it over here I don’t see why people are saying otherwise. Was a terrible tragedy and I feel for the families involved.

Well too be honest in 2001 I was 3 years old. I don’t really care about 9/11 I don’t find it different than any other day, but I have seen footage of 9/11 and it is pretty devastating, but to me I find it as being 13 years ago and I think it is a good thing to forget about it.

Really wish I could post my 9/11 .gif without getting infracted.

Most people here can’t even remember 9/11 because they were so young, and some were born after 9/11. Imo the civil war was a larger tragedy than this, but no one cares about it as much simply because it’s not as recent as 9/11. This day will pass eventually.


I’m older than most of the active members on here so I remember 9/11 clearly. I still remember when a friend called me and asked if I was watching the news, I said, no, why? He told me a plane crashed into one of the twin towers and I thought he was joking. I put the news on just as they were updating to the latest reports that a 2nd plane flew into the other tower, **** was crazy. I remember that for at least a month, pretty much all that was on the news was coverage of this act of terrorism. Seeing as I live only a few hours from NYC it definitely hit close to home. I can honestly say that there isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t think about this. I will never forget and the victims will always be remembered.

whats that got to do with anything this was a sickening tragedy that not only shocked america but the whole world came to a stand still. i watched a documentary about this on tv the other night and felt sick afterwards.
this tragedy will always anger me and many non-americans. yeah i agree it may affect you americans more since it was in your country but to hit out with a statement we dont take it serious is BS.
why else did the british army go to war with afghanistan alongside the U.S.

many lives were lost on this day
lest we forget

i think the only difference between the civil war and the 9/11 attacks
was the fact it wasn’t publicised on pretty much every channel in the world.
everyone in the world had witnessed it

Was… Was that a pun?