Remnant II Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I did that already, double checked, I am using the version that came out on the 25th.

Please try to re-install the trainer by clicking DOWNLOAD TRAINER at the top of the forum discussion. If issue still persists, try to Verify integrity Files by right-clicking on the game and click Properties. Click on the Local Files tab. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Then force quit/close the WeMod App then re-launch the apps.

I have done both of those things, but it still prevents skills from resetting.

Can you try to re-map all the key bindings specifically for Fast Skill Cooldown?

I rebound all of the keys, and the result is the same. When I activate Fast Skill Cooldown, it prevents Ritualist Miasma, and Invoker abilities from refreshing. They stay blacked out.

Can you confirm if you are using the mods on a multiplayer/co-op mode?

I am using them in single player. I get one use out of the abilities, and then its greyed out.

Got it. What we need to do here now is to try to reinstall both game and the WeMod App. Let me know if issue persists once done. Make sure to save your load games and your mods.

I have performed a fresh install of both the game, and the mods. Again, I turn on the mods, press miasma, and the ability happens once, but is then greyed out, and doesn’t even start to recharge.

So no ideas?

Hi, will inform the team so they can evaluate and test it. I’ll get back to you with an update.


Our team has conducted testing and confirmed that it appears there is something with the “Fast Skill Cooldown” mod. Some skills, particularly those setting AOEs on the ground and having single charges, are not affected by cooldown periods as intended.

Also, the mod “All Guns become fully Automatic” has been noted. The trainer is now in the creator’s queue to be updated.

All guns become automatic is no longer working

The Remnant II cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thanks so much!!

I think the “All guns fully auto” one broke again with latest patch

Hello Fling,
Thank you for the cheats for Remnant II.

Unfortunately the cheats have been working since the last Remnant II update of the Xbox/Gamepass version.

Are you planning an update for this version?

Best regards

Hello the cheats are amazing. Would there be anyway to get access to the console to spawn things?

The Remnant II cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Miasma skill when using fast skill cooldown still not working properly.

I was able to use these mods in co-op even when I’m not hosting but now I can’t? Only player speed seems to work. Any chance on updating this anytime?

Hi! WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer or co-op game modes. If the mods work in multiplayer it is not intended and we are not responsible for any consequences that may result from using the trainers online.