Remote code

How do I get remote code for my android to work

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In Infinity, open one of the trainers in the cheats tab and press the phone icon next to play.


Im new, what and where is “One of the trainers”

Soon as you open infinity all those games you see there are trainers !

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ok, got that part, have it on both PC and android. Now, how do I enable the cheats?

When your playing a game press the button you want the cheats for like F1 , F2 whatever cheat you want to activate !
Or on your app press the button you want the cheat for
Click on a certain game then press play in top right corner first of all

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mine says game not found…

Which game?

on Fallout Shelter, i even tried installing on bethesda and moving icon to infinity, says not supported

I think the trainer is made for the steam version if I’m not mistaken.
What happens if you drag steam version to infinity?