Remote Play

Recently i have been having a lot of trouble with Wemod as most of the games i play need me to start up wemod once the game has already loaded, and my pc isnt exactly the best thing in the world and most of the time the game will either crash or freeze to the point of me having to restart my computer, so if its possible could you please add in a remote play button on the wemod app or on the Xbox playthrough thing, it would be much appreciated and it might incline more people to get pro

In addition to @Kittylover2006 suggestion would you be able to have an adjustable floating window to show which mods are active and ones that have :information_source: with them as a reminder.

Ta Very Much


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A Play button is something we plan on adding to the remote. It’s been requested by several other Pro members and would be a perfect addition. No promise on when it’ll be available, but it’s creeping up.

@Barbz Do you mean for the remote app? What kind of device do you use? Curious on the screen size.


@frank ~ My remote screen is a Galaxy Note 20 it’s large and I am able to fool around with my device easily. However, having a floater screen that can be manipulated in size would be easier than having to fumble for a dark-screened phone in a dimly lit room. The idea isn’t just for this game but for all games. Hope this clarifies the request.

Hello again! We do have an overlay that shows the cheats directly over the game, if that is what you are referring to. More info here: WeMod Overlay - WeMod Support

Adding a Play button to the remote is still coming by the way.

I spotted that after posting this, I’ll look into the overlay. Cheers, Frank.