Remove 16gb Xbox 360 limit?

Is there a way to remove the 16gb limit on USB drives? I have this USB drive > Western Digital My Book Essential 500GB USB External Hard Drive: Computers and I want to use it on my xbox.

As far as I know no.

no there is no way with a retail xbox maby if u were using a jtag u could use the whole usb drive

Damn I heard something about partitioning it.

i heard somphing a while back that you can but you need to change it to FAT32 or sompthing like that

Yea I think you can do it with an external harddrive but it has to be a certain type and it has to be FAT32 or something. Like what grecco1 said.

Yes, I found it and know how to do it, but i have been to busy to finish it.
I already got all sizes under 16gb working via FATXplorer, though.

Wait so what do I have to do? Links or anything to a tutorial cause I’m confused.

thats some crazy usb drive, imagine carrying that to school

Not currently…Sorry, you can use i think 2 flash drives’ in your xbox though.

You can use 3, if you doon’t have a wireless adapter connected on an arcade. ^.^

No, not for Xbox memory.
The only way found to do this and still have it Xbox configured would be to edit some files.

But even then you’d need a JTAG for the patch to work.

umm Not Sure.

I’m sure it’s built into the 360 kernal. I’m guessing that ‘cccodyyyyyy’ or something is correct.