Remove a WeMod Trainer?

I accidentally installed “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Trainer” in my WeMod desktop app.

I thought is was for “The Walking Dead” game which 32bit, so Overkill’s version trainer does not work.

How do I uninstall/remove “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Trainer?”

If you do not want the game to show as installed you will need to delete the custom install by clicking the drop down arrow next to play then click the trashcan next to the path.

dunce you were asked to find out how to delete the trainer and not the game

i Get it now, thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, double necro thread! :zombie: :joy:

Please avoid commenting on old threads from years ago, as they are generally regarding versions of WeMod that no longer exist, since it has been updated many times since the thread was opened. Thank you, you amazing WeModders! :beers: