Removing Annoyances, or just being one?

What we find annoying varies, lack of contrrol, annoys me, more than anything else.
The default setup is fine, if it’s just a default, and I can actually change things.

I’m a modder, and the core essence of modding, is full user control of their PC, and the files it uses.

1 Allow me to change where the program is installed, I don’t want any games and/or tools in any Windows folders, especially in AppData, or even on the same drive, so let me change the install location.

2 I want to control which copy of a game your tool is used on, I can have several installs, using different mods, and I want to control which it uses, and even have it working on several automatically, so let me use a plain text file to set these paths.

I can’t even change the location, once it’s been set, and as I can move where a game is located, or have multiple versions of a game with many mods, this is a major problem, making some of the games unusable.
Not even deleting the entire tool, and reinstalling works, these settings are obviously online.
They should be on my PC, not your site, that should be my choice to make, not forced on me.

3 Why is the functionality of the mobile app, not included as part of the main program. The hotkey excuse, only applies to the game, not your tool. I don’t need, or want another tool on a separate device, when your program’s already running.
Plus not everyone has a smart phone, or even wants it connecting to their PC, if they do.

Basically, while the easiest option is fine, as the default one, give PC users total control, when they need, or want it.
This gives of the impression of the Apple/Console design mentality. You will do what we decide, and nothing else.
In a cheating tool, on PC, this isn’t simply removing annoyances, it just creates different annoyances.

Though I’m probably sounding mostly negative, I wouldn’t even post, if I saw no benefits, of this tool.
The in game functionality is fine, it’s the out of game, and online only features, that are giving me major problems.
All this can be fixed, by simply letting the user, take control, when they want to do that.

On the plus side, good to see you are adding some older games, I had selected all my games, a month or two ago.
I have noticed Mass Effect 1 and 2, have been added, and KOTOR 1 (No 2 yet?).
Though new games will always be the priority, adding more of the older ones, is great, especially on PC, where we can play them, for many years, without needing to rebuy them.

Surely if you are a PC ‘modder’ you can change all these things as I have been able to do so with no need to complain about everything on this forum. Personally I find it very rude to walk in and insult everything from your high horse considering you didn’t send any positive feedback. I think you should rethink your approach on this because everyone on this forum is trying their best to bring their best and you seem to think it’s fine to ■■■■ all over that. Sorry to bring an argument here but this rubbed me the wrong way.

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I agree that choosing what copy of the game infinity targets would be nice, and nicer to have old games (they are rarely updated today so they would be low maintenence games) . But i don´t know how the program and it´s security works, so full free will for the user might provoke more problems, as how the mods are downloaded and how they handle.

I dont understand the point number three you made, the mobile app is for people with pro accounts.

  1. Already in v3

  2. Not sure i understand, the remote is for using your smartphone/tablet etc to cheat so you don’t have to alt+tab out or remember hotkeys. It is included in main program.


I am far from being a “PC gamer” or remotely interested in being one or modding. I am however quite computer literate, and can safely say You are simply not as intelligent as You apparently think.

I see I am not the only one who had no issue creating a custom file location to store and run infinity out of. Personally, I had no issue setting it up So a Bethesda Soft game was also being ran outside of it’s Native or “Default Location” in the same folder because for WTFE reason infinity failed to find it until I did it the way I chose to.

I am well know in life (for that matter on WeMod among the elder staff) as being an honest A$$Hole, so Without a single F*ck given for possible consequences coming.
I going to just inform You that the “community majority” perspective … ANYONE reading your OP is already thinking GFY!

You sire are just being a pointlessly winey b!tch!!

I assure You, until you adjust your tude, You likely won’t get much help with your lack of understanding especially since it seems you would rather place blame on someone just to seem less an incompetent newb!

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The term pc modder is silly. Who is a pc modder? Someone who modifies personal computers? I mean, come on!

Also the config files are located at roaming, essential program files are located at local

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Yeah, but this is more of a tool making modifications easier for people that isnt high tech 1337 Urb4n Hx0rs like you.

Although i see the point with your post, you want to see some changes.
But firstly its best to maybe prise the tool a little before suggesting the changes.

Instead of going all over trashing what it doesnt have.
Our devs are working day and night to keep making version 3 of Infinity and update the individual trainers itself.

Last, i notice you dont even know how our system works at all.
Our trainers comes on demand. Beside AAA that normally get added at once.

Even though its a classic.

Either way, in the end, you should have gone through this in a completely different way.
Because this is simply a pretty dick move.


Hell I have but heads with You at least once or twice.

Obviously You and I understand defaults and such… but I will just get to the point. NO MATTER THE DEFAULT any file can be ran from any location that the PC has access to from C:/ to a random removable media location so long as the USER is smart enough to not put things in places that cause the system to generate a conflict or “self corrupt”.

Obviously a spontaneous corruption is still a product of cause and effect user error, and though by technicality they DO NOT exist, they do until you understand and correct the issue causing it.

Honestly all I just see a know nothing know-it-all Skiddie! I say lock this thread and waste no more intelligence on this piece of ignorance

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Judging from this:

OP didn’t know where the settings are stored. Nothing unusual judging by the success of the tool I made.

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You do realise how hard it is for Me to remain “nice” at this point riiiiiiiiiiiihgt?

Name one damn thing I got wrong before calling me clueless.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s always appreciated and I respect anyone who takes the time to share.

The good news is that almost everything you brought up is being added in Infinity 3. A lot of the annoyances you’re describing are valid, but they definitely don’t affect the majority of Infinity’s users.

Also, some people in this thread need to chill, everyone is allowed to give their two cents and they shouldn’t be bashed for sharing.

Lol @sNaKe … Guilty conscience? I wasn’t calling you clueless … unless You want me to?

Not trying to be rude or anything but…


Have no problems choosing the right one… (obviously Infinity tries to detect steam folders and such but that can be rather easily blocked)

Infinity is installed on D: for me. Files (Cache and such) are still stored in Appdata because I like them there, easy to find.[quote=“Uhuru_NUru, post:1, topic:28456”]
Why is the functionality of the mobile app, not included as part of the main program.

But it is… Like stn said. The mobile app is just so you don’t have to alt tab if you forget a hotkey…