Removing manual added game


How can I remove a manual added game or change the installation path of the game within infinity?

I misconfigured the installation directory of Metro 2033, but I didn’t found a way to ‘delete’ the game, nor edit the installation path…


Not possible. You can delete the infinity folder and install it from scratch.

Where is the infinitiy folder located?

I uninstalled the software, then I removed

But after the reinstall all games appeared as before…

Ah, i figured it out:
C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development
has to be deleted, too.

Alternatively rename the folder to which you originally installed (say add underscore to the front of the name) and reinstall to the original folder name. When infinity is loaded it will find the new installation and use that. Save games and settings etc in appdata can be retained or deleted as preferred…

You can now change the installation path in a trainer’s settings.