Report – Destiny Will Require Up To 40GB Of Space on Xbox One

[/img]It has been a concern to some since the Alpha and Beta that Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, may not feature enough content to justify its $60 price tag. However, it seems that the recently discovered size of the game on Xbox One may counter such claims.

Having received his/her copy early, a user has posted a short Imgur album showing off an early copy of Destiny for Xbox One. If one looks closely, you can see that it requires up to 40GB of space to play.

With this said, users who’ve already preloaded the game on their Xbox One have been wondering why it’s only 18GB.

One theory could be that it’s enough to let players play the online shared world shooter while the rest of the game installs, but we have yet to hear for certain.

Are you still skeptical that Destiny might not have enough content? Let us know in the comment section below!


I better not have to install anymore, my connection is bad enough as it is.

40GB of storage and internet connection required?, please… I remember the good ol’ days when you could buy a game, get home and just play it. No bull**** involved. Good times.

IDK how to interpret this because if people who pre-loaded it only had to do 18GB, why do the discs say 40GB? The install size for all digital copies and physical copies should be the same. We’ll find out release day. Either way I’m glad it doesn’t take too long to install game discs. assuming there isn’t a day one update, installing from the disc should be fast. Internet speed doesn’t affect that

I’m happy to hear that seeing it only be 18 GB made me nervous and my internet speed is fast so I can’t complain about having to download more come launch day.

My internet connection installs 4 gb in 3 hours. Thats 30 hours of downloading ****.

Don’t forget to mention the random problems the Xbox One tends to have throughout the day.

So my Pre-order install will start downloading the 40GB September 9 12:01 AM? If so, I’ll be catching some Z’s by 1:00 AM

I remember the days when game systems had no internet connections, games had no updates or dlc and couldn’t be installed, but you had to blow in the cartridge to make it work sometimes.

it doesn’t say internet connection required.
says internet connection required for setup. That’s all, meaning they planned on a day one update like most titles do now.

Internet connection is required to play destiny regardless… Everything is server related.

40g may include the next couple of dlc. dont see why you pre download at 18g only to have to re do more

That doesn’t make sense though bc that number on the back of the game case doesn’t include any future DLC, just the base game/disc…