[Req] 10 Miles To Safety

Hello everyone ^^

I’ve find this beautyfull game but not trainer for It(because it’s became hard when you reach au certain level of infection single player and die to resurect with basic loot)

So can you do something about it :slight_smile:

I know I must wait but in a long time ago(old version of WeMod)
a requet as be made and no trainer are be build :smiley:

So, I’m trying to do something there ^^

Great day everyone <3

What is the name of the game you’re referring to?

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It’s in the thread title. :slight_smile:

This game is already in the WeMod library. → 10 Miles To Safety Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod
But doesn’t have a trainer at this moment in time.

Trainers are made at WeMod if there are enough WeModders who own the game and therefore likely interested in having a trainer for it. WeMod automatically detects how many community members have the game.

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It’s a great survival zombie game with coop ^^

It is easy to go when great stuff but when you die, you reappear but without your powerful gear and die too easily !!!

That’s bad and I’m there to ask if it’s possible to bring on a trainer for this game :slight_smile:

(it exists on cheat happen, but I prefer staying there with this beautiful community )

Great day :+1: