(REQ) Darksiders 2 Save Editor

Game Title: Darksiders 2

Game ID: 54510896

Mods Wanted: Gold Editor, Inventory Editor, Stat Editor, Skill Point Editor

Darksiders 2 Save 1.rar

Additional Comments: I uploaded 1 Save and will upload another when i get more gold, 1 more skill point, a couple more items, and rank up one more level.

The 1 save is 2 parted, like the assassin creed saves, so its Save 1A and Save 1B. Idk if you needed to know or not or if that will help.

Here is what is in save 1:

[details=Open Me]Gold: 1319

Skill Points: 1

Level: 2
Experience: 208/405
Health: 302/302
Wrath: 510/510
Strength: 6
Defense: 14
Arcane: 6
Resistance: 6
Primary Weapon: 26
Secondary Weapon: 90

Level 1 Scythe, Damage 23-27

Level 1 Axe, Damge 81-89

Level 1 Hammer, Damge 79-91

Level 1 Hammer, Damage 80-90

Level 1 Wraps, Defense 1

Level 1 Wraps, Defense 4

Level 1 Greaves, Defense 1

Level 1 Greaves, Defense 4[/details]

Way ahead of you: [Beta] Darksiders II Editor

yea i saw that :thumbsup:

any ideas of making a possible inventory editor? :smiley:

I need to get the game first before I start doing more stuff with it…

360haven won’t even let me register to download the save editor

Buenas se ha caido el link podrías resubirlo gracias