REQ: dead space 2 save editor

Hey guys I jst finished my first play threw and would love a save editor to go back and have some fun…any chance of making one??

wow i dont even have the game yet :anguished:, im jelly

I just downloaded the game… will have a look.

I would also like this.

We should expect an editor out when the games is actually out


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There is an editor for this game but sadly it dont work yet the people who made it are currently fixing it and i will post when its done thats if they fix it if not we will have to wait and see if it will be in horizon to bad for me if it is

you could always try to manually mod it. unless theres a checksum

there might be a checksum you never know with EA

the coding for that tool is messed up it corrupts the saves

I thought the game wasan’t even out lol

im jelly i cant wait to get my copy of dead space 2 and kill me some necromorfes with my plasma cutter lol

i cant wait either im not going too work tommorow


I nearly completed it you get to re visit the ishumura if i spelled that right

F*** the ishumira.

No its quite beautiful its all rigged with explosives plus you will get to a point where your in the long tunnel and necros start running towards you this is where you get the spear gun out i dont remember the proper name so lets just call it that then shoot them and i swear you will laugh as they fly through the air you actually get an achievement for doing it

Completed this nearly 4 days ago. Just saying, ****s easy I was playing on the hard mode then I was going to do the survival mode but you can only save 3 times and every time you die you go back to the last save.

Thank god you didn’t spoil anything…:frowning:

I know your lucky huh ?