[REQ] Dishonored tool

Iv found one tool and it doesnt seem to work. Modding my coins and then loading up the save and i still only have what i started with.

Also wondering if theres any tools that can mod runes?

Way to lazy to go look but if you upload a save or two I’m sure people here would be happy to look into. They not make a tool but tell you locations of items so you can go mod them yourself.

360 havens got the best one currently 360Haven - Home it should right on the hompage top threads

Probably the one he tried, there are 2 there. One made by Jappi88 and the other made by XB36Hazard.

Correct. Jappi’s isnt modding my coins for some reason even tho its showing them at max.

Hazard gives me some weird message im guessing my coins arent high enough to be modded yet?

You can use this starter save it has 99999 coin

[Starter Save] Dishonored - Xpgamesaves Xbox 360 Modding Forums

or this one that has a lot added to it, but is like 2 chapters into the game (Assassinate Lady Boyle)

My Dishonored Gamesave - Xpgamesaves Xbox 360 Modding Forums

How many coins do you have? Because I was able to mod mine when I had 320 coins.

did you decompress the file?

I had 29 when i tried to mod cause i spent some already <.<

Both tools automatically decompress the files.

Probably why, just get a few more then use XB36Hazards tool again and make sure you put the correct amount of coins in there so it searches for the right values.

yeah sorry i was thinking on XCOM where you had to do it yourself

Any chance runes can be modded?

Yes his allows you to mod ruins as well as ammo for both your gun and crossbow, but the only thing that i haven’t gotten to work is modding the ruins, everything else works fine

Blah~ Thanks for the help man.

Hi there

I downloaded the save editor on X360Haven but I really cant use it.(dont know what to do with all those numbers!) So heres my save. can anyone do it for me?
All I need is max money and max ruins.



Also wondering if theres any tools that can mod runes?