(REQ) Far Cry 4 Save Editor

Game Title: Far Cry 4

Game ID: 555308CA

Mods Wanted: Money, Upgrades (such as wallet and ammunition), inventory (loot bag)

Game Save Link (Mediafire)

Additional Comments:

Currency: 46,746

Wallet upgrade 1/4

Loot bag:
Bharal Skin x4 Currency its worth: 3,800

Snow Leopard Skin x1 Currency its worth: 8,200

Sambar Skin x1 Currency its worth: 3,000

Great suggestion, been waiting for this game to get leaked for agessssssssssss!

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll get started on it :smile:

Do you want anymore saves, just loaded up game on my rgh. So I can upload if you need any?

Yes, please any saves you can upload with details on the amount of stuff you have will be a great help.


Save info:
Weapon holster upgrade 1/3, wallet upgrade 1/4

Currency 84422

skill points 2

200/750xp (of current level)

410/1000KP (karam points, of current level)

13/30 loot bag
-sewing kit (x1)
-Tibetan Wolf Skin (x7)
-Bharak skin (x3)
-Snow leopard skin (x1)
-Mom’s Note (x1)

Full ammo in everything (not sure if relevant tho)