[REQ] Horizon Zero Dawn Trainer

first-able i apologize if I’m in the wrong place, if I am, I hope you move it to the right section

the pre-load of the game has been on for half a day right now

too many of us have the game at the ready once it is live

one thing is missing, the potentials your trainers could open for the enjoyment of that world

-unlimited health
-Max Shards
-Max EXP
-Max Skill Points
-unlimited Inventory
-unlimited ammo
-unlimited Resources
-unlimited Traps And Potions
-Max Special Items

thanks for all the great work you do,

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Well we’ll see how it goes after the game is released and see what we can and what we cant do.


that’s all we asking for,
much appreciated,
&wish you luck


Games are automatically added to the WeMod library by the system if they have a certain number of downloads. So in other words it will automatically show up after a certain number of people actually download it after it’s released. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the tip, i guess :grin:

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