[REQ] Red Dead Redemption 100% game save

Well i just played through like 30% of the beginning of RDR ( which is pretty slow/boring ) and never saved, so im at the beginning again.

Instead of redoing everything, can someone give me a 100% save? Couldn’t find one :confused:

Thanks in advanced.

Red Dead Redemption (100% game completion) 100+ GS - x360c

You have to sign up unless it wont work. I think.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Don’t need to sign up with this one. Also an alternative if you have problems with the above save.

Both these links no longer available, any other suggestions, i been lookin all morning can only find the multiplayer ones

You didn’t look hard enough amigo, here’s my personal save with a few extras:-

Red Dead Redemption 100% Save Non Modded + Legitimate. - The Tech Game