Requesing a mod

can someone please ADD harvest moon one world i am playing the switch mod which i am having hard time with the heart systems like running around makes the heart go’s down wish they did add that to the game anyway not sure if this the right toppic to put to ask requesting i wish i know how to add a mod in the wemod in the systems so i can do it my self anyway here the list i want in the mod for harvest moon one world 1.heart god mood never go’s down,all seeds,all metals like bronze gold other stuffs to make the the tools

also one cheat is not working for me is the sim3 cheat

I’m afraid WeMod is only supported on PCs running Windows at the moment. There is no console support.

You’ve mentioned a cheat not working in Sims 3. Which one is that?

no there is harvest moon one world on steam version and i saw harvest moon one world on webmod Harvest Moon: One World Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod
ya i should i have mentioned for a steam version i wanted on because im going to buy it aging on steam so i can have 6 save files
3 saves on switch and 3 saves on steam so i can try out all bachelors

and yes the sims 3 is not working with the sim 3 luncher on webmod i was just using the max needs so i can normal so i can build there skills up but when push play on webmod the sim 3 luncher game comes up and click play and the needs cheat doesn’t work

My apologies, I saw you mention Switch mod, so I thought you meant for a console or emulator!

For the Steam version of the game, you can click on the Notify Me option within the app to show your interest in a trainer being made. Once enough users have done so, it will be added to the Queue!

As for Sims 3, are you using any other mods for the game at all? And did you buy the game from Steam or Origin/EA?

your good i just forgot the world steam version in the topic anyway i had the sim 3 for origin but now i brought for steam version because i am switching on steam version because i am become to hate origin becase of the manger ( styeam(spell wrong) anyway the only mod i am using on sim 3 is NRRS mod to make the game not glitch out

Hey there! Any chance we can get the ability to modify Poise in Elden Ring?