Request: BF3 Signature

Could anyone make me an awesome Battlefield 3 signature? Just make it look completely insane with the text Undead in it.


I’ll make one.

Dimensions, color, etc.?


Colors: Black, White, Blue

and everything else you can just make whatever. Just as long as it looks epic! :laughing:

Here you go…

Thanks bro, I really like it.

< 3

Sorry Pavman but I like Crankrunes better.

Give me a decent enough render and I’ll possibly attempt something later tonight.

I have the feeling to create something right now. Thanks.

Not gonna lie, looks terrible. Char isnt blended into the colour scheme of the background etc…

Could be better with some blending and colour matching.

Constructive criticism. not trolling.

Thanks Crank, great quality images too. I actually like the signature you created him, I’ll just attempt anyway.