Request - dawn of man - help needed

Ive been playing the beta for a couple of days now, and this game is really, really good. Anyone knows how to make a request to WeMod so we can start voting to get it on the app.?
I seen to run into shortages of some kind, at the moment is “straw” When you harvest a field, its suppose to give you that cereal/food and straw, but I get way too little, almost nothing. Many buildings need straw to be constructed, so having no straw (of trading 3 or 4 at year) creates a big problem.
Sorry about my english.! I know its not very good.

Games are added once they are officially released which looks like March 1st for Dawn of Man.

@Chris It´s March 4th now, do you know when the game is added? Can´t wait to get to use Wemod with this game.

Yeah its march 4th now haha i am still waiting lol thank you guys for working so hard for the trainers!