Request: Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Trainer (with actually unique cheats, read first before judging)

F1; Infinite Health
F2; Infinite Mana
F3; Infinite gold
F4; Unlimited Durability
F5; Unlimited skill points
F6; Unlimited Paragon Points
F7; Instakill
F8; Maxed out speed bonus, EXP bonus, and loot bonus
F9 ; Enemies always drop legendary items
Numpad 1; Enemies always drop gold
Numpad 2; Enemies always drop health potions
Numpad 3’ Enemies always drop mana potions
Numpad 4; Enemies always drop white salves
Numpad 5; Ultra-buff (Gain all beneficial temporary buffs)
Numpad 6; Set teleport point
Numpad 7; Delete set teleport point
Numpad 8; Teleport to set teleport point
Numpad 9; Instant skills cooldown

Hey there! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Diablo 3 won’t be receiving a trainer due to the technical aspects of the game. The game is server-sided, thus trainers are not an option.