[Request] for Banner

Hi there Graphic Designers of Horizon. I got a request for any and all graphic designers on the site, it is a GIF of a sort.

What I am liking it to say is this: UGA Phoenix Mk3’s Gaming News, with UGA being in Red, Phoenix being in White, and Mk3 being in Blue. I would like it to fade/flash out to Always Fresh, and then it fade/flash out to always first, and then have it fade/flash out to the Halo Spartan League Emblem, as shown in this image:

but preferably in this image instead:


But have the image be Red White and Blue instead.

If anybody could do this, that would be great. Message me or post in this thread with your final design. I will choose one person’s final design and credit them in my Signature Section. Thank you, have a Merry Christmas, and see you on the virtual battlefield.

P.S. Take your time when designing my request! Take at least 1 to 2 weeks to design the banner.

Any Specific Dimensions ?

Have it be the dimensions of my current signature.

468 x 81

Is the dimensions I use, perferably those dimensions, because you have a lot of workspace and also it looks good. Not too big, not too small.