Request for Warcraft III 2020

Seeing if there will be good interest in Warcraft III that Blizzard will be putting out next month. I didn’t see it on the list of Games yet. I love all these RTS games and mowing everyone down once my base is complete. =D Anyone else interested in this upcoming game? (If this is in the wrong area, please move and spank me. :wink: )

Hey there!

Never really got into the Warcraft games, but my friends say they are addicting and really fun. I believe you are referring to Warcraft III: Reforged which is releasing Jan. 28th, 2020? If so, you won’t see a trainer request until closer to that date [probably 2 weeks out or so] because the trainer creator has to get the game in order to create the trainer and sometimes games can’t be obtained weeks in advance.

If the third game is like the others and single player based items aren’t kept server side, then it’s fair to say a trainer will be made. Newer games have a trend of keeping certain things server side which obviously inhibits modding and creates trouble for us cheaters :laughing:.

Also, I moved your topic to the Suggestions sub topic under the WeMod App category so it will belong in its respective category. You didn’t do anything wrong, just moved it so it will be easier to find :slight_smile:.

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