Request for Yugioh 5D's Decade Duels

since im not a diamond member, I can’t use the yugioh 5d’s tool in horizon, which is why I humbly ask the people of these forums to please unlock all cards in this game for me, please

here is the link to MY gamesave, and I would like all cards unlocked, I understand the risks, and ill take my chances, besides, if I can be friends with some people who modded their resident evil 5 game to have weapons like wesker’s samurai edge, or lanterns, then I think I can take the risk that is present

My GameSave: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


can anyone help me?

The bad thing about the Horizon Yu Gi Oh 5D modding tool is that it unlocks every card but you get only one copy instead of actually getting 3. But here is a gamesave with 997 cards 3/3 all of them and some good decks already made.


ok, I just loaded the save onto my xbox after I re-hashed and re-signed it under my profile name, and I just got all but one achievement unlocked when I opened the save, the friendly duelist achievement

…I don’t actually mind that happening, but should I be worried about this, because I kinda am

You could be worried about it but you don’t have to be worried about it. You could buy diamond and then mod it so they all look legit. And btw nice name.

cool, and I think I figured out why this game has been removed from the marketplace, its because that some cards that exist here haven’t been included/programmed into the game, and with so many cards probably missing, they took it off of the marketplace, and are going to fix that, then after when decade duels is back on the marketplace, all people who bought it will get an update notification for it, and those missing cards will be included

also, some cards were missing from that save I got, I really wanted to recreate my deck from yugioh 5d’s tag force 5 in decade duels, but I can’t :cry:

BUT, I don’t have enough money to buy diamond, so…yeah