Request Full House Poker gpd


I would try to mod it but I think that would take the fun out of it all. :wink:
I can give you a level 7 .GPD? :wink:

No one cares about taking the fun out of it, he wants the 50 GPD most likley to match having the level 50 avatar award.

Erm… I care. :stuck_out_tongue:

The OP just wants a level 50 GPD.

Well… Can someone post the .gpd for this game and make sure you tell me what level you are…

Yea well this thread was not opinionated he requested something and you said no because it takes the fun out of it, he did not tell you to use a level 50 GPD. Not trying to be a doucher its just what it is

Yeah well im currently a level 35 and the game is just getting incredibly repetitive.
I mean, its poker…
Well thanks for the,“would try.” :laughing:

here you go, i haven’t tested it yet.

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this is 2 weeks old…

And it never got a result and supposedly he provided one, learn when to mini mod

learn when to mini mod?
When it’s against the rules?
I dont mean to mini mod if that’s classed as mini-modding.
So your telling me to break the rules? heres my lvl 50 gpd bro.

sorry to tell you but gpds done work for the games levels or anything. ive already tried before a few weeks ago and it just lagged a little at the main menu and brought me back to my original rank

this doesnt work buddy, i tried injecting.
all it says “Cant be read” then it reloads your stats back to normal.
thanks anyway :smiley:!!

the game is easy to rank up on. why bother i’ve been a 50 for weeks…

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