[Request] Minecraft Xbox360 - Map editor

Anyone know where to find a map editor for minecraft xbx edition??
And exists a one??

I don’t think they exist, I could be wrong though.

This is a good tool: Invodify
EDIT: Another: Save Editor

Yes this tool is good try to use that one

I have tried the save editor, but the Invodify tool shows as virus by AVG on my computer WHY??

Hmm… I couldn’t tell ya’ :confused: I can say though that I’ve used it and had it for a while on my computer and experienced no problems.

AVG thinks everything is a virus now adays…

tool shows as virus by AVG on my computer WHY??

Yer same thing happened to me i was like yer BS and the next day i could not sign in to minecraft on pc as my password was changed…=\

can anyone tell me if this tool still works,

and if so what am i doing wrong

or what version game will it work on


invodify works great, I too had problems with AVG…had to add it to the exceptions list so it quite deleting it.

YES ONE EXIST GO TO Shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s8nWHrBR-s&list=UUx00WUtyDkyOX39ZSjLo0_Q&src_vid=qZzDlKDpk7A&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_1695678767 AND HE WILL TELL U

Use oPryzeLP Mod Tool