Request: MW3 Spec Ops God Mode Mod

Anybody know of a good spec ops tool or mod for MW3?
Not something that edits stats or anything, just something that makes you invincible or hard to kill, kind of like the tool that modio has for MW2.

I searched the forums and didn’t find anything. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, not sure.

I think this is what your looking for?

Let me go ask God if he can make one…

Was that suppose to be funny…?

OP: I don’t think there is one, if there was i’d be using it now. :sunglasses:

Umm you can use RTC but it requires a jtag or xdk

What you talkin bout? I chuckled till I pee’d on my dolphin.

Complete randomness aside, I do believe there is not current god mode mod. Sorry, but please prove me wrong.


Na none of this is an actual god mode, thanks for the response though.

As far as jtag, I don’t do jtag…yet.

Anybody working on one?

If anybody comes across one please post it on here. I’ll be checking regularly.

To my knowledge MW3 is pretty tight. Also heard that IW is banned from touching multiplayer servers and Sledgehammers Games will be handling bans and patches.

There are already tools to edit your spec ops stats, there is the ability to create a mod or tool for controlling gameplay and most likely without any worry of bans. Just going to have to wait for someone to come up with one.

Would editing the GPD with Player_Damage_Multiplier - 0 essentially create the god mode for spec ops and campaign?

No because player damage multiplier does basically nothing.

What is the a dvar that would? To the point, is creating some sort of damage resistance possible at this point without JTAG?

Can anyone answer that? If not I’ll just be patient and wait for someone to come up with something.