[REQUEST] Need for Speed Most Wanted

Yes this is an old game, but i thought i’d go back and play some of the old games i love.

It would be nice for a simple mod tool, i already have a checksum program for after i’m done modding it. It would probably simple, nobody is interested in doing it because its such an old game it seems…
Even if someone could help me hex edit it, i can’t figure out where the money is in hex editor…

This game shouldn’t be hard to hack… its old…

Are you asking for a mod tool or you need help?

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I’ve actually never seen a mod tool for a racing game before besides Forza Motorsport for some reason :anguished:

Horizon has one for NFS: Hot Pursuit and Test Drive.

I wish I could get it to work man *amn it
But anyways, That’s mad cool

The only tool i’ve ever seen that could mod Need for Speed Most Wanted was “Xile”.
Sadly, its been shut down by the creator for quite some time and he doesn’t know if he will ever get it back up and running. I never had the chance to get my hands on it.
Thats their site… I really don’t want to wait for it to get back up and running, if thats even for certain…

Upload your save and I’ll look at it :wink:

heres the link

I’ve read about people saying somehow Le Fluffie needs to be used to somehow split the file into two to get the root or something… I don’t really know anything about that.
What i do know is EA has some security thing on their gamesaves, so you need a checksum fixer which i have on my computer.
If you find anything i should be able to fix the checksum so it will work again, otherwise it will be corrupted.
Its all encrypted… its annoying

Wait, i believe that file i uploaded is the root.
If for whatever reason you need the full package, as it is with the profile ids and game pictures and such i can upload it aswell

How much cash do you have?

Its all encrypted, i’ve looked for the numbers or anything that would be similar to money, i can’t find anything…

Anyways i have “762,275” dollars.
i also have “22,041,793” bounty

I’m not much of a hacker, but shouldn’t it be easier to hack older games like this?
I’m sure if a expert hacker sat down he could hack this game in like 5 minutes…
I don’t know if i’m right, but the reason i think noone has hacked it yet is due to lack of popularity.
No good hackers have been interested in wasting their time on this game i guess…

At 0000F4A0 i found my gamertag… its all i could find… thats useless


Try that should have $999,999 and Xile’s tool was for the 360 version not the original xbox >.<

Yes? This is my 360 gamesave… I play this on 360

Not a 360 save…is it the original Xbox Disc?

No, its in the marketplace on Xbox Live.
You can download it for $20 and it has gamesaves just like any normal xbox 360 game.

Ugh… theres something wrong…
I just noticed when you extract the data out of the package, it tears itself away from this hidden text document attached to it… So when i go back to inject the data back into the package, its no longer attached to this hidden file, and no longer works. Whether they did this on purpose or not, i don’t know… but the text document seems to delete itself when its counterpart is extracted, because when injected back in the file is 4kb smaller than before.'
I noticed this because on Le Fluffie when i open file, and extract package to my desktop, it shows everything. The root file, two pictures, and a never seen before text document thats around 4kb… its just encrypted stuff, that seems to get lost when you extract the root data…

So by trying to make it easier and extract the 60kb data portion, i ended up ruining this…
If you want to give it another shot i can upload the full 120kb file for you to sift through and try it again… That way nothing is torn apart and the file stays as a whole… it might take longer but i don’t see a way around it because extracting the prime data seems to corrupt the file, i don’t see how i can bind the text document back to the data and inject it back in…

If your interested in helping again, just send me a message or something… thanks

It’s not a 360 save or it doesn’t act like one doesn’t have the right STFS signature. Just make a backup and try that save

I’ve tried it, i haven’t lost anything because i have backups of my original.
See when i extracted that data and uploaded it for you to download, then i inject your finished file back in, and its become 4kb smaller…
The game says the file has been damaged and cannot be used…
In Le Fluffie, when you extract the package this text document appears out of nowhere, roughly the size of the missing kb’s that i don’t have.
You can hex edit the entire package, what i did was took the save part out to make it easier, which ends up corrupting the save.
But if i don’t extract anything and just upload the save, keeping it in one nice piece, everything should work properly… i hope.
But then i’ve heard about checksums that EA has in their games, and you can’t checksum the entire package, only the save portion… but if you extract the save portion it becomes corrupted…

Look, if you can do the same thing to this file
it will work.
It has to stay as 120kb or it doesn’t work… for whatever reason, when you extract part of the file, or try to replace it with another save file, it doesn’t work.
Now i’ve downloaded saves for this before, and they were 120kb.
When you extract the 60kb data from the package, and inject it back in, your left with 116kb… which doesn’t work…
The 120kb gamesaves i downloaded, they worked… i guess you just can’t seperate the file and rejoin it later… it wrecks itself

Try this one

I can not get my save to work for the life of me. I start a new game, win the first race after the M3 is taken. Open the save with HxD and search for my $5,500 (157C) only one instance pops up so I assume that’s it. I change the value to F4240 then save. I run the EA resigner by Mojo. First I try the save without the resign and rehash and if fails. I try with and it still fails. I tried using the package manager to extract the root file and still no go. Any ideas? :anguished: