Request (Red Dead Redemption Save Editor)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you have a working red dead save editor, that works after all the latest updates. All the ones i have been using dont seem to work as i am always level 1 in once i go online.

Thanks :smiley:


i just know of modio’s RDR Tool

use a gamesave and then rehash…they ban you if you mod any other way

There are SO many mod tools for this game horizon really doesn’t need one in my opinion.

modio/ youtube for rank and stuff lol

there is an updated multiplayer tool

Hey, i found your link on my other request, but do you know what gold guns numbers correspond to what in game guns?


no problem

I have been trying to use this program but unsuccessfully so far

Ive tried using an old save with the program and even creating a fresh one but whenever i use it either the old stats remain or it says the file has been damaged and i have to either continue and it starts new or retry :confused:

i open the file after i save it on to my desktop through modio, choose the xp level i want (43) set the legend to 0 set the mount to El Senor and click the save/rehash box to yes then i press save.

Am i doing something wrong?

did u rehash and resign ?
also make sure files are in a folder

yes i have the rehash/resign? box ticked on the left box for yes, and when i click save it says file saved and rehashed/resigned

and i unzipped all the files from that download onto my desktop and then into a folder

okay the tool is corrupt i will post a save up


so what do i do with this save now? just rehash it?

Search on youtube for one, if you ever need a editor always try youtube first.

i looked on youtube and the only ones there didnt work for me anymore and all the saves were level 50 5th legend all gold guns, i just want a level 40-50 no legend no gold guns which i apparently can only get now through an editor which i cant find

After using the save that was provided in the editor, i decided to save that into the folder with all the other editor information, and it worked!!! thanks alot guys

before when you said to have all files in the folder i thought you only meant the editor ones, not the actual save :stuck_out_tongue:

well there is one mp editor i know of

you have too change id’s and then rehash and resign

Can you please explain how you got it to work… I have been trying for hours to get the same thing. Level 40 No prestige but it keeps corrupting my save file. Explain step by step please.

And what editor are you using? Modio?