(Request) Resident Evil Revelations 2

Horizon Is The best We Hope Consider Our Request;)


and a little note do not edit ammo no higher than i am listing here ammo DOSE NOT STACK i tried here is what i posted over at 360haven hope this helps also i made this post when the editor first came out so he changed alot but the ammo is still the same

Handgun Ammo Holds - 70 limit
Shotgun Ammo Holds - 16 limit
Assault Ammo Holds - 64 limit
Sniper Ammo Holds - 10 limit
Magnum Ammo Holds - 6 limit
Machine Pistol Ammo Holds - 80 limit
Green Herbs hold - 3 limit
Red Herbs hold - 1 limit

*Note: hope this helps if you have more than 70 handgun ammo in your item slot it will start another slot making one stack of 70 and starting another stack so doing 999 of one ammo is useless, also their seems to be no way for unlimited ammo for a gun so if you want unlimited ammo just give yourself the Unlimited Rocket Launcher (Using the rocket launcher will make you have a “C” Rank for completing chapters) but you can add any kind of gun you want it doesn’t hurt as i haven’t seen no difference also if you try to stack the gun and add 9999 as its value it will say you have 9999 rounds in the gun but it will reset after fired so it is useless also

Raid Mode:
Gold Holds max amount (this also sets the Skill Points which is capped at 999)
Hearts I set to max and it didn’t give me the max just gave me what i had to start with which was 10

I Tested This , And I Started With Barry Episode 2 Realy Not Worked For Me And This Tool Not Load My Inventory ( invetory of Barry) And I Change Amount Of Bp , Automatic Be Unlocked All My Skill , So There Are a little Bug On It , I Hope Horizon Moderator Will Release A Save Editor For It

Ya i have reported it to the maker and i see its still a bug and it still works fine for me make sure you click save items to character then hit save the file and it should work fine took me a few tries to know how to work it not a big description how to use it was first put out…

I Am Almost At The End Of Episode 2 , And I Have In My Inventory , Magnum Bullet , Assult Rifle Ammo , Hand gun Bullet , Green herb … But I when Load My Save With Editor , Show To Me My Inventory Is Empty !!!

How do you “give yourself” any weapons in campaign using this editor?

i know your problem you are putting the wrong save back into the USB cause after you make the save the tool will make three copies of the normal save the three names of the save are


not the other two and also when you add items to your character you have to make sure you hit the save to this character button after you choose what character you are editing THEN you hit save next to the open file at top left corner

No No I Completly Realize You What Say , Please Look At Me , I Played With Barry And Picked Up Magnum Ammo , Assult Rifle Ammo , Green Herb , Empty Buttle , Now There Are Must be On my Inventory Right ? And I Put My Save Game In To The Save Editor And I See Nothing !!! There Are Not In My Inventory ( My Inventory Is Empty That I want mod It ) !!! And I Wanna Say There Are Just On The game , This Is My Save Game -----> http://www.4shared.com/file/8jZDirQace/savedata__1_.html

ya was gonna be my next thing to say send me your file and i see what i can do but i don’t have the other DLC so i cant test it to see if it works…and also 4shared is making me download a whole lot of stuff to get to your file think you can do mediafire

Got it

The best editor for the game is made, for the person named kg 971 , that is for sale

I’m having the same problem of not being able to edit barry’s inventory. I reckon I’m going to edit your inventory he and natalia are vasios.
As a way to correct this bug.