[Request] Skyrim - Need Character Created

You don’t have to read this!


I’ve been playing Skyrim for a long time now, truly an addictive game. I’ve finished the game twice with two of my different characters that took a long time to build and create. I’m now interested in making a new Khajiit character that specialises in sneak and archery. However, I’m really not going to go through the whole process all over again, so that’s where I was hoping you guys could help me out.

I’ve recently started finding some modded game saves all over the internet, but none of them were quite what I was looking for. Either completely invincible, or not interesting enough.


I pretty much need you guys to build this from scratch, close the the starting point of helgen. I have to be level 81. I’m going to be playing sneakily so make my gear have relatively high sneak enchantments but not completely OP.

Look details:
The character is going to be a female Khajiit. I want this to look as much as a real life cat as possible, something like this:

The character should also be wearing an apprentice hood.

For the body this fur armor should match with the hood. If not, you might know something that matches better.

For the enchantments, I would like a combination of sneak and bow enchants. For the boots, make sure that there is muffle.


HP: 1800
Magika: 1337 (If you can’t make it this I don’t mind, just round it to 1400)
Stamina: 1337

All skills maxed to 100

No skill points placed, I will do this myself.

I need enough skill points to max out every skill if I had to, so give me around 250.

Every illusion spell

No shout cooldown

Fus roh dah shout (maxed)

Whirlwind sprint (maxed)

Apprentice Hood (Mentioned Above)

Full Fur Armor (With sleeves and jacket)
I also need sneak and bow enchantments with muffle on boots (mentioned above)

Dragonbone Bow
Needs to deal at least 500 damage since I will be playing on Legendary

Dragonbone Arrow x999999

Skeleton Key

1 Million Gold

Dragonbone Dagger x2
Needs to deal at least 750 damage since I will be playing on Legendary


Dawnguard DLC items


EDIT Dwarven Crossbow
Needs to deal at least 500 damage since I will be playing on Legendary

Exploding Dwarven Bolt of Fire x999999

This shouldn’t be too big of a task. If there’s any questions just ask. If you’re working on this let me know. I know how to put it on to my Xbox and everything, just make sure the the file isn’t corrupt when you hand it to me and it must be an .exs

Thanks a bunch if you can do this !! I will be extremely happy and it would make my day if you have the ability to do this. THANKS!!