[Request] WWE '12 Mod tool

Please make one that it unlocks all char’s, thanks.

Haha you join to ask for a tool, first it would be a diamond tool, as its a new game, and wait… is this game even out yet?

I doubt they have even thought about modding this game yet.

Actually I had this account for a Year now, this is just my first post on the forums. And yeah, this game been out for a couple of days now. :slight_smile:

your living in feb '12 then are you? why would you ask for something when you have been ‘leeching’ this past 9 months? :L

Well it is called a ‘Request’ isn’t it? And I didn’t know you had to register on the forums just to use the Horizon mod tool.

You have a good point sir and you are correct! Forget about what that skank said, not all members post garbage 24/7. I hope you have a nice stay here and hope your request sees thought.

Thanks! Also, I will browse the forums a little more, there’s a lot of good stuff on here that will be in great value to me. I hope you enjoy your time here too.

Would like this done also. Especially if they find out a way to get The Rock.

wont work he is dlc

Here, i think you should take a look at this:
WWE 12 Hacks (Xbox 360) - YouTube

But you have to pay for it. .-.

You won’t find a WWE 12 tool as complete as mine free…
CAW manager, Create a match modifiers, Fireworks everywhere ect… this tool is really great bro.

I don’t think they will make a mod tool for WWE because not many people would go on it and i don’t think they would make it for 2 people.

the one i put up on here will be better then yours and its free never had paid for a wwe tool and never will i so i put one out for free

well, well, well, if it isn’t mr. KG I charge for everything and black list the people that use my tools to upload to CC… Don’t download from this guy, he’s a complete jerk. Anyone that knows Chris Spirito, he was the one responsible for getting a lot of textures to CC in 2k14 and guess what, this idiot banned him from using his tool… What a joke

yeah bro he’s a joke… he thinks he’s better than everyone else I can honestly say that from wwe12 - 2k14 2 people that have had great FREE tools: Pure3Raf3x and Hacker-T

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