Requesting - Black and White 2 (2005)

Hello, I’m sorry I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask.

Can we add Black and White 2 to WeMod?

All the old trainers only work for Windows 7 or Vista.

I am currently playing B&W 2 on Windows 10 and it works without any issues.

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Hello there @SSSJDanny. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your suggestion! We will always take on board requests for different games that aren’t already in WeMod’s library.

Unfortunately, with Black and White as well as Black and White 2, I don’t think it will be possible to add these games to WeMod’s library for one simple reason - it is not possible to digitally purchase and download this game. At least not legally.

The games, sadly, kind of vanished off the face of the Earth when Microsoft bought out the game’s studio, Lionhead, in 2016. At this moment in time, it is not possible to download digitally. This is the same for most of Lionhead’s games, such as Fable, which they’re probably most known for. Therefore it’ll be very difficult, if not impossible, for WeMod to make a trainer for the game because in order to do so we will need to own a legitimate digital copy of the game.

Here’s some more information about why neither Black and White nor its sequel are available:

I’ve made this game available for voting within the WeMod app! It will be tough to do but I think it’s possible if it reaches the voting goal. :slightly_smiling_face: