Reset trainer to default values

New user here. I started futzing with the trainer hotkeys and settings before I knew what I was doing. And now I just want to get it back to a known clean starting state. I don’t know if resetting a trainer on right-click would be useful for others, but maybe?

Stay safe y’all

Nevermind, after reinstalling I noticed there really isn’t a default config and that all starting values are just temporarily enumerated F1 through whatever

Welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

By default the trainers will use hotkeys that are not being used in the game itself. So if the F# keys are used by the game (ie - Autosave, quickload, etc is a common use of the F# keys), then the trainer will use the numberpad keys, and so forth.

You can freely change these hotkeys by clicking “Toggle” to the right of the cheats. You can also use combinations such as CTRL+F1, Shift+Num1 and so on, which is great for those such as me who furiously mash the keyboard and end up hitting other keys by mistake. :laughing:
In some cases it might be handy to have more than one cheat set to the same hotkey, for example setting infinite health and infinite stamina to F1 or whatever so F1 turns both of them on.

Feel free to configure the hotkeys however you find the most comfortable. :slight_smile: